nan · cy · ful. [nan-see-fuhl]
- adjective
1. indulging in or influenced by Nancy; "a nancyful mind"
2. characterized or suggested by Nancy
3. having a curiously intricate and delicate quality
4. based on fact, reason, and experience; in other words, keepin' it real.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So, I have the luxury of being shuttled to and from my work place.  The benefits of said service are many, including (but not limited to) the following:

1) Saves me a whole lotta money.  As Katt Williams once quipped, "you are not supposed to be at the gas station making life decisions."  Amen, brother.  Thanks to the shuttle service, I no longer have to make those critical life decisions at the gas station, like deciding between things like gas money vs my 401 (k) retirement fund; gas money vs groceries; or, of utmost important, gas money vs money for some new 4" heels.

2) I get extra much-needed sleep time.  Since I live about an hour from work (in each direction), the extra 2-hr nap time is literally saving my life and my sanity.

3) I also get my daily dose of eye candy.

Y'all knew I was getting to point #3.  :) 

Yup.  There's a hottie white boy on my shuttle to work.  I'll admit, he looks kind of young.  Okay, fine.  He looks like he just straight-up graduated from college and this might be his first job outta school.  So, sue me.  I'm human.  I'm a 3- (ahem, cough) year old woman, I'm not dead. 

Anyway.  I let slide the possibility that he could be young 'cuz, hell, I'm only "window shopping," right?  "Look, but don't touch the merchandise."  I really should make a t-shirt out of that line.  [Wait.  As a t-shirt, that line actually does not convey the same message.....errrr....*awkward*]  I digress.  Back to the regularly scheduled program.

The other day, the age differential finally came around and gave me a swift kick in the arse.  As I was waiting for the shuttle to arrive, I saw the hottie white boy,...being dropped off, someone who apparently looked to be,...his mother.

I really am a resident of Cougarville, aren't I?  Zip code: 5432-S$#@!. 



Hannah said...

since dennis is younger you know i have NO prob living in cougarville ;) howdy neighbor!!

darkyetlovely said...

LOL HANNAH!!! I love you, hahahaha!! Thank you for "welcoming" me into the neighborhood. :D